CCSC 50-50 Club

Your chance to win regular monthly cash prizes has now arrived!  2020 promises to be a great year but we need your support to help take CCSC onto the next level.

We are focusing on raising much-needed funds, all of which is to be reinvested back into the club and specifically the swimmers.   Please bring in your completed membership forms to the desk and please note that it is a separate bank account to the usual subs one.  Matt and Nicki will be around tonight to answer any questions and have spare forms to fill in.

With far better odds of winning, than the national lottery and directly benefiting the swimmers at the same time, we sincerely hope you can support this initiative and the difference it will provide for all at Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club!  

Therefore, please find attached CCSC 50/50 Club Flyer, Membership Form and Standing Order Mandate.  Hard copies will be available at the club swim desk on Friday evenings.

CCSC 50-50 Club Flyer.pdf

CCSC 50-50 Club Membership Form.pdf

Standing Order Mandate Form.pdf

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