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Training timetable

Sunday 8 – 9am
Monday 6 - 7pm
Friday 7 - 8pm

Squad aims and objectives

  • Understand fundamental rules of all 4 strokes; continue technical progression on front crawl; develop good, technically correct backstroke and breaststroke arm action; start to develop a technically correct butterfly arm action
  • Be able to swim a technically correct individual medley
  • Perform pre-pool dynamic-stretching routine
  • Develop training skills: punctuality, independent use of the pace clock, pacing as directed by coach, listening and questioning
  • Understand the technical rules of starts, turns and finishes on all 4 strokes, and regularly perform them correctly in training
  • Understand the principles of relay takeovers
  • Understand and be able to explain basic principles of streamlining, buoyancy and propulsion in swimming
  • Effective use of training equipment (fins, kickboard, snorkel, drink bottle)
  • Perform test sets to a standard suitable for promotion to the Gold squad

Kit requirement (click here for more information on Club kit)

  • Appropriate swim wear
  • Goggles
  • Swimming hat
  • Water bottle
  • Kick board
  • Fins

Competition expectation

  • Enter club championships (2) and open meet (1) events, swim in team galas if invited