The Masters squad is the pinnacle of swimming achievement, a place where wisdom, fitness and above all guile are blended to create perfect athletes. It's for those 18 years old and over; goals in this squad could include training for swimming competitions, competing in triathlons, and training for open water.

Training is structured in the form of a set program specifically written for the Masters group. Sessions focus on developing physical conditioning and technical skills for competition swimming. All four strokes are used: while new members don’t need to be able to swim butterfly, they need to be willing to develop this stroke.


Training timetable

Sunday 07:50 to 08:50

Tuesday: land training at spinning class CURRENTLY SUSPENDED, announcement soon

Wednesday 18:10 to 19:15

Friday 06:30 to 07:30



Cormorants Masters swimmers include county and regional champions, and national open-water medal winners. CCSC is a competitive swimming club, and as a minimum it’s expected that Masters will enter the club’s winter and summer championships, plus the annual Sussex County Short Course championships.


Masters sessions utilise a variety of equipment, including:

• fins 

• hand paddles

• kickboards

• snorkels