Swimming etiquette

In training, always behave with consideration to your lane mates:

  • Keep to the side of the lane: no hogging the middle!
  • If the swimmer behind catches you up, stop at the end of the length and let them by.
  • If the swimmer ahead is slower than you, ask to go in front for the next length/swim.
  • Listen to your coach, so that she/he doesn't have to repeat instructions while other swimmers get cold. (Asking questions if you don't understand IS allowed.)

At competitions (including open meets) you're representing Cormorants, so please behave appropriately:

  • Support and encourage your teammates
  • Be polite on poolside and in the changing rooms.
  • Listen to the marshals, referees and team managers, and do as they ask.
  • Be quiet for the start of each race, so that the swimmers about to race are not disturbed.
  • Never make negative comments to or about other swimmers or clubs.
  • Ask permission from a coach or team manager if you want to leave poolside.
  • After a gala, wait poolside until the results have been announced and any trophy presentation has been made.
  • Help clear up any rubbish in the team area.