Training timetable

Sunday 08:50 to 09:50
Monday 19:00 to 21:00
Wednesday 19:15 to 20:15
Friday 20:00 to 21:30

The Performance Junior Squad develops emerging swimmers, offering focused pool time for individuals to work on specific technical skills and tactical awareness for race day. Swimmers in the Performance Junior Squad need to be self-motivated and attend the sessions on offer. Keeping personal records and completing self-analysis is an important aim for this group. A high level of effort is expected: swimmers set measurable goals and work hard to achieve these.

The training schedule benefits swimmers’ physical and psychological development. Swimmers are expected to arrive 15 mins prior to pool sessions, using pre-pool activities to prepare adequately for each session. More information about pre-pool and some of the activities chosen can be found on the club website under ‘Training’.

Squad aims and objectives

  • Develop stroke technique on all four strokes through correct execution of skills and drills as directed by the coaching team.
  • Analysis of starts, turns, finishes & relay takeovers, allowing development and progression of technique.
  • Demonstrate training skills: punctuality, use of the pace clock, listening, open questioning, lane discipline and courtesy.
  • Confidently explain FINA stroke laws for all aspects of swimming.
  • Increase volume of training, developing ability to train at correct intensity to improve skills including speed, stamina, pacing and endurance.
  • Learn and develop basic stretching, body-weight and core-strengthening exercises, as well as cardiovascular dry-side training.
  • Attend specific county/regional qualifying meets and club galas identified by the lead coach at the end of each training cycle.

Criteria for membership

Membership of the Squad is at the lead coach’s discretion. It is open to swimmers who display the appropriate work ethic; meet the training and competitive criteria set out below; and make the commitment to training and competition required to become a top swimmer. Elevation to and continued membership of the squad depends on continuing to satisfy these criteria.

Performance Junior squad swimmers will serve a three months’ probationary period, during which they will be monitored to ensure they are coping with the squad’s training and competition requirements. During this period the lead coach will assess a swimmer's attendance, attitude, aptitude, effort and progress. At the end of the probationary period, a review meeting will be held with swimmer and parent to discuss performance.

Attendance records are continuously monitored, to ensure that a swimmer is dedicating sufficient time to develop both the skill and fitness levels required to succeed. Swimmers are expected to regularly attend a minimum of 4 wet training hours and 1 hour dry-side per week in order to maximise their improvement and maintain standards within the group. They are also expected to follow the squad’s competition programme throughout the year. Swimmers who wish to progress to Performance Elite would be expected to complete 5 wet training hours and 2 hours dry-side in order to be eligible for consideration.

Swimmer are required to continuously maintain the squad eligibility times listed below. Note that a swimmer does not automatically secure a place in the Performance Junior squad by achieving these eligibility times, but must meet the other criteria as well:

Years 4 x 1 IM Kick Test Starts Test 100m FC PB
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
10 <2:45 <2:30 02:30 02:20 Age appropriate ability as agreed by lead coach 1.32 1.30
11 <2:45 <2:30 02:25 02:15 1.27 1.25
12 <2:45 <2:30 02:20 02:10 1.22 1.20
13 02:25 02:15 02:30 02:20 9.2 8.8 1.19.5 1.17.5
14 02:20 02:10 02:25 02:15 9.0 8.6 1.17 1.15

Chichester Cormorants is committed to developing swimmers with disabilities. Special consideration may be made for inclusion into the Performance Junior squad to ensure a fully integrated programme, with disabled and able-bodied swimmers training together. Such swimmers will be expected to have obtained or be in the process of obtaining an IPC Classification, and to have the personal motivation and ability to succeed at county and regional level.