Assessment swimming standard


We ask swimmers who'd like to join the club to be at Stage 7 on the Swim England learn-to-swim framework. To reach this level they have to:

  1. Swim 25m backstroke
  2. Swim 25m front crawl
  3. Swim 25m butterfly
  4. Swim 25m breaststroke
  5. Perform a movement sequence of 1 minute duration, in a group of 3 or more, incorporating a number of the following skills:
    • Sculling: head first, feet first
    • Rotation: forward/backward somersault, log roll
    • Floating: star on the front/on the back, tuck float, create own
    • Eggbeater: moving, lifting one or both arms out of the water link skills with strokes and sculls
  6. Perform a sitting dive
  7. Swim 50m continuously using one stroke
  8. Swim 100m, using a minimum of 3 different strokes
  9. Tread water using eggbeater action for 30 seconds.
  10. Complete an obstacle course (using a minimum or four objects) with feet off the pool floor throughout


In addition, swimmers must be 8 years old.


PLEASE NOTE: Older children will have higher expectations of ability, stamina and speed. They will also be asked to complete a 200m timed swim as part of their assessment process.