Joining Cormorants

We're always excited to welcome new swimmers to Cormorants, whether they're new to racing or have been drawn here from another club.

New swimmers (8-11 years old)

Prospective members need to be assessed by our coaches, to make sure they're ready for a competitive club. Assessments usually take place once a term at the Westgate Leisure Centre. The assessment focuses on stroke and technique; swimmers are requested to demonstrate a minimum of ASA stage 7 standard (or equivalent). Young people 12 and over will need to have trained as part of a competitive club in order to be able to join in a lane with children of similar age.

  • For more information on swimming standards - click here
  • For more information about the assessment and trial period - click here

If you're interested in an assessment swim, please fill in the form under club/Request a trial and we'll send details of the next available assessment session.

In addition to reaching the required swimming standard, we ask new members (and their parents) to abide by all club rules; see particularly Expectations of swimmers and Swimming etiquette

Swimmers from other clubs

If you are already a club swimmer or a student and would like to join Cormorants, please complete the assessment form that can be found under club/Request a trial and we will be get in contact to organise an assessment or trial.

Masters -18 and over

Contact the Masters co-ordinator, under club / contact us