Competitions explained

Cormorants takes part in various competitions. These provide the fun and reward for all the hard work in training sessions, and are an essential part of a competitive swimmer's development.

The competition calendar are on the club calendar – please make a note of any events you'd like to attend or which you are likely to be needed for and try to keep the dates free.

Club competitions

These are friendly internal competitions, which give swimmers a chance to test their ability across the range of strokes in a pressure-free environment.

All swimmers are expected to enter every event. 

  • Winter club championships, usually in November
  • Summer sprint challenge, usually in May 

Team galas

Galas are club v. club competitions, and swimmers have to be selected to take part.

Cormorants enters teams in three local swimming competitions:

  • Arena League
  • Rother League
  • County Relay Championship

We also take part in two one-off galas aimed at developing inexperienced swimmers:

  • Brighton Dolphins Gala in February
  • Stoodley Girls Gala, Godalming in May or June

Selection is a vote of confidence from the coaches and team managers – we do expect swimmers to make every effort to attend if selected, as this shows commitment to the club. It's also a chance to show what you've learned!

Open meets

These are swimming events held by individual clubs all over the country and licensed by the ASA. The page Open meets gives much more information. There are hundreds of open meets; each year we select two or three to support with a member of the coaching team poolside, then encourage swimmers to enter. These meets are listed in the training plan.

We ask swimmers in Silver and Gold Academy, and Performance squads to enter open meets and gain official times in the stroke/distance of their choice as follows:

  • Silver: 1 meet
  • Gold: 2 meets
  • Performance: 4 meets

County/regional championships

Any swimmer who has achieved the minimum qualifying times in an open meet in the previous 6 or 12 months can enter these prestigious championships.

  • Sussex ASA Winter County Competition Short Course- 20 & 21 October 2018 @ K2 Crawley