Swim Psychology

Sport psychology is an exciting field that is growing all the time and in a gruelling sport such as swimming, enhancing the mental aspect of a swimmer’s arsenal is crucial to success.  

You can put in the work at training, have great swimming strokes and technique but are not getting the payback for all your hard work or you may suffer from extreme nervousness, negative thoughts, or intimidation in big swim meets or competitions.  This is usually because your mind is sabotaging your performance (and is very common in swimmers), as your mind either works for you, or against you, just depending upon how you've "programmed" it!  Alternatively, you are already a successful swimmer but know that even though your results are good, they could be even better - and you are looking for that last piece of the jigsaw, to take your times to the next level. 

It is well documented that the first crucial step to getting better times, results or even just swimming faster, is to develop a deep, inner belief in your own ability and this is best achieved through regular mental training - mental training is easy and anyone can do it!  Following the recent successful first Psychology workshop with local doctor, Adrian Hamilton, click on the link below to the presentation for your information and reference.