Team galas

Cormorants enters teams in three local swimming competitions:

Selection is a vote of confidence from the coaches and team managers – we do expect swimmers to make every effort to attend if selected, as this shows commitment to the club. It's also a chance to show what you've learned!

If it's impossible to attend because of a previous engagement or illness, please always let us know as soon as possible to gibe the team manager the best chance of finding a replacement. 


Brighton Dolphins Gala and Stoodley Girls Gala

Unusually, these are NOT really contests for experienced racers. They're fun events, with a relaxed vibe and little pressure on the swimmers. The atmosphere is collegiate, rather than competitive.

None of the races are longer than 50 metres, most are 25 metres: easy work for swimmers who train in a 33.3-metre pool!

We like to select swimmers who are:

  • New to the club
  • Inexperienced
  • Nervous
  • Don’t usually get a chance to take part in competitions

Stoodley Girls Gala- Saturday 28th April 2018

A gala is for girls only, this will be the third year that CCSC have entered.  The gala programme includes 50m individual events in backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle. There are the usual 4 x 25m medley and freestyle relays as well as 12 x 25m squadron relays for each of the four strokes.

2018 results

Brighton Dolphins Gala

2018 Brighton gala report
2018 results