Remember your discount code which can be used at checkout on selected items: ccsc5

You will have until midnight 1st March 2020 to order your kit before the shop closes, although it will now still be viewable after that date. 
Please Note: Your order will not go into production until the shop is closed.
Orders placed after this time may delay the whole kit order and therefore will not be accepted. So to avoid disappointment, please place your order now:

Please note that some items have Minimum Order Quantities and therefore if there are not enough orders for those MOQ's to be met the orders will not be processed and Swimzi will refund your money. To avoid disappointment please encourage your friends to order items. Track items ( MOQ = 15) Sweat items (MOQ = 5) Towels (MOQ=10) Personalised Hats (MOQ=25)

Delivery is expected April 2020.


By agreement with your Club, all items will be delivered to your home address. The shipping method is recorded as “Chichester Cormorants Swimming Club Shipping”. Shipping is charged at £3.95 per order.


We advise you to check the sizing guide online but If you are still unsure, please email clubs@swimzi.com with your measurements and we will try our best to advise. The club may also have some sizing samples for you to try on before you buy.


If you do miss the deadline, we strongly urge you to add items to your wish list. When you add items to the wish list the club total for that item will be updated. This will trigger a club shop to be opened when sufficient demand dictates for us to do so. It is within your interest to use this feature to make sure you get the products you want!


If you have any other questions or there seems to be a technical issue, please contact clubs@swimzi.com.

NOTE We do have some items in stock ( e.g CCSC Polo Shirts Tracksuit Tops and Sweatshirts) so please come and see what we have at the Swim Desk on Fridays, check the sizing and quality and you may be able to buy an item from stock with no delivery delay. We also have in stock new Water Bottles (£5) Club Hats (£5) and Goggles (£24)

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