Club Kit will be available to purchase/order  from the Cafe Entrance on Monday 26th October 2020 from 6.50pm to 7.30pm. This is between the swimming session so you can keep socially distanced etc. 


We have on offer..........

Swans Goggles £24

Swans Goggle Cases £12 ( 4)

CCSC Branded Water Bottles £5

CCSC Branded Hats £5

Some  CCSC Polo Shirts in Stock or you can order ( Every swimmer  should have one)

Some  CCSC Sweat Items ( Joggers/Shorts/ Zipped Sweatshirts)

Some  CCSC Track Tops

1 Swim Parachute  ( Required for Performance Elite Kit)

We also have some second-hand swimwear ( racing jammers etc)  for sale. We are happy to sell any good quality second hand items and will take 10% for the club. Please label up the items with your name and contact number and add what price you want for them and we will add them to our rail.

All payments to be made by BACS so we do not have to handle cash.




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