Last weekend Kerrie and Nicki got up at a oh-dark-hundred hours with Isabella, Maddie, Rosie, Lauren, Max S, Sean, Andrey, and James P for the trip to the Sussex County Relay Championships in Horsham. All the swimmers put in a great effort, with some good PBs: the 12-13 girls came 19th in the medley and 18th in the freestyle, and the 12-13 boys were 10th in the freestyle. The boys were DQ in the medley: it happens, when you’re trying for a perfect takeover. 

In the afternoon Phil took over poolside duties with the older swimmers: India, Jess, Mia and Laura, and Charlie, Seb, Archie and Adam R. The girls came 9th in the medley and 15th in the freestyle; the boys took 14th and 12th. Well done everyone.

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