The 2018 David Rosen Trophy will be presented at the Summer Sprints.

For those of you new to the Club, all swimmers are members of either the Blue or Gold Teams, points are awarded to each swimmer in each team for:

Positive Training (1)

Entering the Summer Sprints, Club Championships,Open Meets (1)

Being Selected for and taking part in Club Galas and County Galas (2)

Achieving a PB (4)

Achieving a County Qualifying Time and Competing in County Events (6)

Achieving a Regional Qualifying Time and Competing in Regional Events (8)

Achieving a National Qualifying Time and Competing in National Events (10)

Achieving a time of less than 1:00:00 ( Boys) and 1:00:03 ( Girls) in 100m freestyle for the first time at a Licensed Meet (10)

Points are also awarded for performances at the Summer Sprints   and Club Champs  for 1st to 6th place and for breaking club records at Club Champs (10)

Points are awarded for 1st to 3rd places at Open Meets and Galas.


We are busy collating the points awarded so far. At the moment the Blue Team has  3093 and the Gold Team has 2387 but we have lots of recent results to add.


To find out which team you are in see the Swim Desk on Friday or check with the Coaches on poolside.

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