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Good  Luck to Swimmers at Atlantis Open Meet Today Adam Ella Jess Leo Mia and Mitchell 

Session Times and Warm-Ups are confirmed as follows – please note that these are different from the approximate timings used in the Promoters Conditions! Warm-Up Start End Session 1 (Sat 30th June) 07.45 08.3010.25 Session 2 10.35 11.3514.05 Session 3 14.15 15.1517.35

Summer Swimming

CCSC will have their Summer break from the  23 July – 5 Aug.There will be no swimming  during this period for any groups including  Masters.

There will be reduced swimming sessions from 6 August  as follows:

Mondays as usual for all groups.

Wednesdays 6pm to 7pm Dev 1 and Dev2

Wednesdays 7pm to 8pm AG1 and AG2

Masters Sessions will continue as normal from 6th August.
Return to usual swimming sessions 3rd September.

Summer Social 6th July 2018 - Please get your tickets TONIGHT £5 each or email us or Kerrie if you would like to come
David Rosen - Points to date after the Open Water and Pool Points   BLUE   939    GOLD 884

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