10 Apr 2022

Dear All 

We never want to see any of our members leave the club but understand that there are reasons why this decision is taken. We would suggest that you do discuss any decision to leave directly with the Lead Coach ( Paul or Darren).

Please can I also remind all members that a full calendar month's notice must be given. This enables the club to complete the necessary administration and take on new members to fill the space without loss of income to the club.

This should be given in writing (email) to your lead coach and  chichester.cormorants@swimclubmanager.co.uk . Subscriptions are due up to the end of the notice period. All outstanding invoices must be paid before your membership ceases. 

You will need to cancel your standing order from the end of the notice period directly with your own bank as we cannot do that for you and we will not be responsible for any over payments. No refunds will be made for monthly payments made in error after a swimmer
has left the club. Similarly no refunds will be made for gala entry payments where a swimmer has left the club in advance of the competition. 

There is no refund of any Swim England Fees, membership of Swim England continues until the 31st December.

If you have any club trophies these must be returned before your membership ceases. 

If you have any club kit, we do have a second hand rail at the Swim Desk if you would like to pass this on to other members.

Thank You.

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