31 Jul 2023

Brief Reminder about Fees and Leaving the Club

The squad fees are an annual membership cost with payments amortised to a monthly fee. Members should expect a few cancelled sessions during each year due to pool closures, for planned competitions and over holiday periods – for example, during the school holidays the club operates on reduced hours, and the pool is closed for a period over Christmas. The annual fees take this into consideration, so there are no refunds for individual cancelled sessions.

If a swimmer is not able to attend all the sessions on offer, their squad fees cannot be reduced. There are limited places in each squad, and the club has to charge members for each space equally. Fees may be suspended if a swimmer cannot swim for more than a month for a medical reason, this must be notified in writing (email accepted) and agreed with the Lead Coach and the Treasurer.

Squad fees are paid by monthly direct debit. Please ensure your direct debit is set up correctly with your bank. Fees are due on the 1st of each month. Any fees outstanding for more than one month will attract a Late Payment Fee of £10.

Any member wishing to leave the club must give one full calendar months' notice in writing ( email accepted) to the Lead Coach and the Registrar/Treasurer at [email protected]. This is so that the club can find a replacement member so that the club does not suffer any loss of fee income which as you know covers the pool hire and CCSC fixed running costs. Fees will be due for the month of the Notice Period. All arrears must also be paid up to date. Members will remain members of Swim England until the 31st December no refunds are made for any Swim England membership fees. Members are responsible for cancelling any direct debits with their bank at the end of the notice period. CCSC cannot be responsible for any overpayments made.



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