Swim England South East Officials Survey – March 2021


The world of swimming is now able to look forward to a resumption of club activity and competition.

Swim England South East needs reliable information about the likely availability of officials to support a return to competition at all levels.

We have prepared a short online survey that you can complete in about 5 minutes on any device (PC, tablet, smart phone). We ask that all officials  and anyone thinking about becoming an official to complete this survey (including those of you who have decided not to return to poolside.)

We will be using this information:

  1. When reviewing applications for Meet Licenses. We don’t yet know when licensed meets will be allowed, but we anticipate that many clubs will want to run meets as soon as they possibly can. The Region Licensing Panel will take the likely availability of officials into account when they receive requests for licenses.

  2. When assessing how to use the Region’s resources to support the training needs of officials.

To complete the survey please go to:



Please try to respond on or before Friday 16th April.

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